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Shop our range of reinforcing mesh and insulation beads for your next render or external wall insulation job. Our beads are made of high-quality uPVC plastic, and our insulation mesh is made from alkali-resistant, high-strength Fibreglass Mesh, guaranteed to reinforce and strengthen your system. The main purpose of using beading within your EWI and render system is to get a clean-cut finish at the corners and edges of the system, ensure that the basecoat is applied at the right thickness and make sure that vulnerable areas are protected against impacts and cracking.

At EWI Store, we stock plaster beading for every purpose; whether you need Stop Beads for creating clean lines, Reveal Beads for around windows and doors or Movement Beads for stabilising long stretches of render, we’ve got everything you need for the job.

Every external wall insulation system begins with the Starter Track; we offer either uPVC or Aluminium Starter Track in a range of sizes to accommodate different thicknesses of insulation. This is installed at the base of the system and provides a strong plinth on which the insulation boards sit. The purpose of the Starter Track is to ensure that the bottom of the system is protected against water ingress, and our uPVC Starter Track also helps to prevent thermal bridging.

We offer a wide range of Corner Beads designed to be used with our different render systems. Whether you’re installing Monocouche Scratch Render, thin coat Silicone Render or external wall insulation, these render and insulation beads embed seamlessly within the basecoat to protect the corners and create a perfect 90-degree angle.

Most of our thin coat render beads come with reinforcing mesh panels attached a rigid uPVC body. We also offer beads that have a ‘drip’ to help direct water away from the render. If you’re looking for plaster beading that is suitable for reinforcing unique features, then you can’t go wrong with our Flexible Corner Bead and our Flexible Arch Bead.

We always recommend the use of insulation mesh and plaster beading with our EWI systems. The mesh and beads need to be embedded within the basecoat layer during application. Our Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh is available in rolls of 50m2, or you can buy it by the square metre. The mesh needs to be overlapped by 10cm to enhance the tensile strength of the system. Alternatively, if you are looking for extreme durability and impact resistance, our Panzer Mesh is the best insulation mesh on the market.

If you’re about to undertake an external wall insulation or render installation and you’re looking to buy high quality render and insulation beads, then give us a call! We can advise as to the best beads to suit your project and calculate the exact quantities that you will need.

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