As a rule, EWI Pro thin coat render systems are always applied on top of a basecoat layer; we always recommend the use of a wall basecoat before the application of our coloured renders. The basecoat itself is a cementitious mixture, applied to the wall at an approximate thickness of 6mm, before a fibreglass mesh is embedded within it to enhance the tensile strength of the system. The main purpose of the basecoat layer is to create a reinforced surface behind the render to prevent cracking. The best basecoat to use for your render system often depends on several factors. If you are uncertain as to which basecoat would be ideal for your particular project, then get in touch with our technical team who are always happy to help!
If you’re installing a render-only system, then we always recommend using the EWI-225 Premium Basecoat. This is a high-quality product, recommended by installers across the country. EWI-225 is our best basecoat in terms of strength, as it contains Portland cement and reinforcing fibres that offer an enhanced level of adhesion. The Premium Basecoat is a dual-purpose basecoat adhesive product. This means that it is used in our Mineral Wool insulation system as an adhesive to secure the insulation boards to the substrate, and it can also be used as a wall basecoat in render-only systems. The benefits of using a dual-purpose basecoat is that it reduces material waste.
Another option in terms of basecoats for rendering is the EWI-220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive. Again, this can be used as an adhesive for securing EPS insulation to the substrate, but it can also be used in the basecoat reinforcement layer which is applied on top of the boards. This is a slightly cheaper product than the EWI-225 because it provides a decreased level of adhesion (EPS is a much lighter material so less adhesive strength is required). As a result, we don’t tend to recommend this product for render-only systems, but if you were looking to cut down on cost then it would certainly do the job.
The EWI-269 Lightweight Basecoat is a fantastic wall basecoat, primarily used on high-performance blockwork and as a levelling layer on uneven substrates. The Lightweight Basecoat contains lime, which gives it a high level of vapour permeability. Lime is also what makes it so lightweight, enabling the product to be applied up to 25mm in one pass. Unfortunately, this product is not a dual-purpose basecoat adhesive and is not intended for securing insulation boards.
Most of our basecoats can only be applied in temperatures ranging from +5-+25C. However, there is one basecoat that we recommend for use in colder temperatures. The Winter Adhesive is the best basecoat if you are undertaking an EWI or render installation during the winter months, as it is very fast-drying and can, therefore, be applied even down to zero degrees.

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