Insulation Adhesives

Shop our range of insulation adhesives here at EWI Store! Whether you’re looking for a dry-mix insulation board adhesive or a foam adhesive, we can supply the right product for you. EWI Pro systems are wet-fix systems, which means that the insulation boards are tied to the substrate using a wet adhesive and supplementary mechanical fixings. The result is a more thermally efficient, aesthetically pleasing home, with an outstanding insulation system that will stand the test of time.

We offer a wide range of dry-mix EWI Pro insulation adhesives which can be used with lots of different insulation materials. The insulation board adhesive is mixed with water and then applied to the back of the board to secure the insulation to the substrate. Some of these products are what we call dual-purpose adhesives, which means that they can be used as both a basecoat and an adhesive for EPS, Mineral Wool, XPS or Wood Fibre. Dual-purpose products are great for minimising material wastage. These products are designed to maintain a long-lasting, secure grip – keeping the system in place for years to come.


If you’re choosing to install a Mineral Wool insulation system, then you can’t go wrong with the EWI-225 Premium Basecoat. This is again a dual-purpose product, used to secure Mineral Wool insulation boards to the substrate and then used in the basecoat reinforcement layer (we also recommend using this product as a basecoat for render-only systems). Because Mineral Wool is much heavier than EPS, it requires a much stronger adhesive; the EWI-225 contains Portland cement and reinforcing fibres which, once set, create a rock-solid adhesion.

Choosing the right insulation adhesive for your external wall insulation job is essential. Certain adhesives are only suitable for use with lightweight insulation boards such as EPS, so always check the packaging or call our technical team for help. All of the EWI Pro adhesives contain reinforcing fibres which offer a high grip, so no matter which substrate you are installing the insulation onto, you can be confident in its security.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a supplementary adhesive, you can also choose to use a foam adhesive. These are an essential item for installers to have on-site, as they play a key role in reducing thermal bridging. Expanding foam has a low thermal conductivity, so when used to fill small gaps between insulation boards it will help to prevent the warmth from your home escaping, and it will also prevent damp spots in these areas. Some installers also choose to use a foam adhesive as a means of securing the EPS insulation boards to the substrate in conjunction with mechanical fixings, although this can be expensive.

Our systems can be installed year-round with the Winter Adhesive. This is a dual-purpose insulation board adhesive, which can be used in temperatures even down to zero degrees. This adhesive is suitable for use with EPS insulation and is completely frost-proof to enable installers to use our systems throughout the winter months.

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