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Our Dash Receiver is a one coat solution to all of your pebbledash requirements. Pebbledash is a type of render top coat that is very roughly textured by pebbles and/or stone fragments; it’s a very common building method in the UK, dating back to the late 20th century. With pebbledash, you can still see the colour of the cement underneath the pebbles, so it often appears to be a dirty caramel colour when you look at it from a distance.

We’ve previously written a blog about what to do when you want to get rid of your pebbledash (check it out here) as admittedly it’s not all that popular in the UK these days. However, many people find that either they have no other choice but to replicate and replace it, or they actually like the way that a high quality pebbledash finish can look. For both of these cases, the EWI-235 Dash Receiver can produce great results. Looking for technical information? Have a read of the Dash Receiver Data Sheet.

Why is the EWI-235 Dash Receiver better than using ordinary cement?

The reason we would always recommend using the Dash Receiver over other cement-mix products is because it was designed and engineered to be used for the specific purpose of pebbledashing. Due to this, the Dash Receiver presents a strong and high performing solution to ensuring a pebbledash finish that will last.

Strength and High Adhesion

For example, because the Dash Receiver is meant to be used specifically to adhere to dash aggregates, it has been designed with strength and high adhesive capabilities in mind. This essentially means that rather than just sitting on the wall as a rock-solid, immovable mass, the Dash Receiver will maintain its hold on the pebbles and therefore reduce chances of the dash aggregates falling off the surface and creating an unfortunately irreparable and ugly appearance.


Using bog-standard cement to create a pebbledash effect means that it is not best suited for being exposed to the elements and is therefore lacking in weatherproofing capabilities. The Dash Receiver is waterproof and frost proof – it’s meant to be slightly exposed to the elements and can withstand this, whereas normal cement mix doesn’t cope well with exposure to weathering, hence the often dilapidated appearance of older pebbledash looks.

A Range of Colours

Unlike cement-mix products, our Dash Receiver comes in a choice of colours. Because the Dash Receiver still somewhat shows underneath the pebbles, colour can make a pretty big impact on the overall appearance of the pebbledash. As a result, we offer our Dash Receiver in white, magnolia, champagne and cream, so you can also choose which kind of dash aggregates to use in order to contrast nicely against the Dash Receiver as a background.

Durable and Flexible

When a building heats up and cools down, the external walls expand and contract minimally. This is often the cause of cracks appearing within render facades, and cement-based products are especially susceptible to this because they lack the flexibility to be able to move with the building and compensate for these minute changes in structure. The Dash Receiver has been designed to be highly flexible to ensure that your pebbledash finish will resist those unsightly cracks.

The Perfect Consistency

Our Dash Receiver is the perfect consistency for pebbledashing. It isn’t too viscous or too dilute, so the dash aggregates won’t drop off the surface or sink too far within the Dash Receiver. This not only helps to secure a long lasting adhesion but also helps to create a finish that looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

How do you install the Dash Receiver?



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