Is there a minimum order quantity?

A lot of people ask us about our minimum order quantity. The answer is, we don’t have one! Everything you see on the EWI Store website is held in stock in one of our branches. That means if you need one corner bead or one thousand corner beads you can order with confidence knowing you will not have to wait weeks for items to arrive.

Whereas a lot of insulation shops and builders’ merchants only take on big orders, we are able to help any installer – big or small! Our logistics team have been specially trained to be able to deal with all order sizes. Whether you’re spending £50 or £500, we are always happy to help. Maybe you’ve started your job and realised you’re a couple of buckets of render short… Or maybe one of your tools just isn’t quite up to the job any more. At EWI Store, we are here to get you out of trouble. You don’t need to order truckloads of stuff from us. Just need one roll of mesh, even one 1m2 of EPS? We can do it. Give us a call or order online and we’ll get everything you need together within a few hours.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver external wall insulation materials and renders to site no matter how big or small the order. If you have been let down by your render material supplier get in touch for a quote. We will endeavour to not only beat our competitors’ prices but also get the materials out to you the very next day.

We can send materials in pallets or vans, or in mail packs! Yesterday, we sent out a couple of trowels for an installer who was desperate not to have to stop his job while he waited for delivery! We can get our products out for the next day, with fair delivery prices.

We also know that people don’t like paying for shipping. We agree! We will never try to make money on getting a product to you. That is why when you call us to place an order, delivery charges may vary slightly from order to order as we are always trying to find the best way to get our renders, insulation products and other rendering accessories to you. We really try to minimise our delivery charges on small orders.

Finally, we should also mention that we can get you coloured renders next day too! Our tinting machines available mean we are ready to help with any project.

So why order you renders, basecoat, beading and insulation from EWI Store?

1. We can deliver any size quantity of material to site.

2. We value each and everyone of our customers and we work hard to make the relationship work – so we will go above and beyond to get the things you need, to you ASAP.

3. Everything you see on our website is in stock, so we can normally deliver to site the very next day.

4. All our thin coat render systems are BBA approved, so you can rest assured that the render materials you are buying are top notch!