new years resolutions for installers

Brush up on your skills

If you’re in the business already or you’re just starting out, it never hurts to attend a free training session to brush up on old skills and even learn new ones! EWI Pro training will catch you up on the latest building regulations and techniques to make sure you are the best you can be. There’s also a whole host of benefits associated with attending training – so get in touch to sign up!

Try new things

There’s no greater pleasure than trying out new materials. Whether it’s simply switching to a new brand, or using a newly released product (like our Lightweight Basecoat or Premium Bio Silicone Render), it’s always worth it to try something new to see if you can improve results!

Treat yourself

Pro points is designed to reward you for your hard work. Once you sign up, every purchase you make (every bucket of render, bag of adhesive) rewards you with points which you can save up to claim huge prizes. Simply visit to sign up today!

Never forget your trade discount

At EWI Store, the more you buy from us the bigger the trade discount we reward you with. Simply become a trade account holder and start with a 10% discount off all future purchases.

Place orders before 12pm

We know what it’s like when you’re in a rush to start a job and you just need to get the materials as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer next day, on-site delivery on all orders placed before mid-day.

Encourage customers to branch out

Shades of white a great, but why not show your customers some more interesting alternatives? We can match to any shade, including NCS and RAL colours, so keep your customers up to date with the latest trends and be sure to offer them our colour matching service.

Don’t be afraid to call for technical support!

Does something just not look quite right? Call us! Our technical team are great with the practical know-how of installing our systems, so if you’re ever unsure you can always give us a ring. If our offices are closed, we have some great install guides in our catalogue and there are also loads of technical drawings available on for you to use.

Plan ahead

Use the materials calculator to plan your projects in advance. It takes only a few minutes and you can get a really good idea of price for materials with very little effort.  

With these new year’s resolutions in mind, join us in 2019 for a year of great materials, great prices and easy delivery!