Until now, if customers wanted a wood effect on their external insulation system, the only option was to put a layer of cladding over the top. This added costs, in labour time and materials, and could affect the fire safety of the finished system. We now have an alternative: a wooden grain effect that can be moulded straight into the render. There’s no need for extra layers, and it provides an authentic wooden look that can be achieved in any colour.

How is a wooden look achieved?

Start off as you would with any other job; double-fix EPS boards to the wall and follow up with basecoat adhesive and mesh. To seal this layer, and to create a 3D illusion for the next step, you should then paint a rough line of dark-coloured silicone paint where the gaps between the ‘planks’ will be. When this has dried, you should use plastic spacers over these lines to create the look of separate boards of wood. You can place these as close together or far apart as your customer would like, to look like wide or thin planks. Then apply 0.5mm decorative mineral render.

The next step is to coat a strip of wood effect mould with organic oil, to prevent it sticking to the render. You only have to re-coat this after every three applications. Carefully lay down the wood effect mould and run over it with a paint roller, to press the pattern down into the render. Wait 48 hours, then paint on the colour you have chosen for your wood effect.

If you’re looking to emulate mock tudor beams, the process is slightly different. Do the same as before until the point where you have laid down your plastic spacers. Then, place render tape down either side, and just use wood mould on the space in the middle. This creates the illusion of a wooden beam, with a nice, clean even finish either side that looks like normal plaster. You can then paint on top to differentiate the ‘beams’ from the paler wall colour.

This system is easy, affordable and looks great, so give it a go! The mould is reusable, so it’s useful piece of kit to keep in your arsenal. Visit us in store or to pick up the materials or give us a call to place an order/find out more.