ziegel blockwork

Installing a thin coat render system onto Ziegel blockwork is a process of many stages, so we’ve put together a shopping list so that you know exactly what you need!

Priming the substrate:

Skip the primer – Ziegel blockwork is better off not being primed. Read our dedicated block post [here] about what the actual process of rendering this blockwork should look like.

Applying the Beading:

We have a broad range or render beads that should be selected and applied as necessary. The required beads will depend on the property:

Applying the Basecoat:

For render-only systems, we recommend using the EWI-269 Lightweight Basecoat. This is our strongest and most durable basecoat.

Coverage rates:

1x25kg bag covers 4.5m2

Drying times:

24-48 hours

Optional Layer of EWI-225 Premium Basecoat:

At this stage, you can choose whether or not to apply a layer of the Premium Basecoat for extra reinforcement against cracks. This basecoat is very strong so if you live in an area that is highly exposed to harsh weather conditions then we really recommend this.

Coverage rates:

1x25kg bag covers 4.5m2

Drying times:

24-48 hours

Embedding the Mesh:

Fibreglass Mesh is embedded within the basecoat (if you’ve used the EWI-225 then the mesh can be embedded in at this stage) for extra reinforcement. This will ensure the system remains crack resistant.

Coverage rates:

1x50m2 roll covers 42.5m2 when overlapped

Priming the Basecoat:

A render primer should be used to increase the adhesion of the render to the basecoat. The type of primer will depend on the type of render you are using. For a Silicone Silicate system, we recommend using the SiSi Render Primer.


1x7L bucket covers 20m2

1x21L bucket covers 60-70m2

Drying times:

12-24 hours

  • Top Coat Primer – 20kg

    £67.00 (incl VAT)
  • Top Coat Primer – 7kg

    £37.25 (incl VAT)

Applying the render topcoat:

Once the primer is dry, the render topcoat can be applied. We recommend using either the Silicone Silicate Render or the Silicone Render which will complement the breathability of the Lightweight Basecoat.


1.0mm grain size: 1x25kg bucket covers c. 10m2

1.5mm grain size: 1x25kg bucket covers c. 7-10m2

Drying times:

24 hours (+)

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