Looking to buy a BBA approved render for your next solid wall insulation? Well you have come to the right place!

EWI Store is the UK’s most popular online store for solid wall insulation systems and renders. Our EWI Pro systems are fully BBA approved, so they can be used for ECO work and other Government schemes. EWI Pro has been specifically designed for the UK market – our huge range of renders mean there is always a solution to meet the demands of any installer.

BBA Approved Renders available to order today!

All of our renders can be coloured in thousands of different colours to meet the demands of the customer. The best thing though is our price – we are one of the most competitive solid wall insulation distributors in the UK, especially if you go with the trade account where we can offer discounts of up to 50% off the entire range of solid wall insulation products.

Our Renders – ideal for topcoat for solid wall insulation

We offer 4 different types of render.

Mineral Render – ideal for installing during the cooler winter months and also in areas of high humidity, our mineral render is quick drying and fantastic value. The render needs to be pre mixed with water before application and once applied the render needs to be painted with a Silicone based paint.

Acrylic Render – ideal for customers keen on vibrant colours, the acrylic render does not fade over time. It comes premixed and since it contains acrylic (a type of plastic) it is very strong so will withstand impacts. The acrylic render can be applied to the wall by hand or sprayed.

Silicone Silicate Render – this is the most popular of all our renders, it combines all the best elements of all the other renders but is still cost effective. The render comes pre-mixed and therefore is available in 1000’s of different colours. Silicone Silicate Render is also fully breathable, so is ideal for those using our Mineral wool insulation systems. The Silicone Silicate render is also hydrophobic so is self cleaning which makes it maintenance free for customers.

Silicone Render – this is our premium render, containing silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system. Much like the Silicone Silicate renders, this is also hydrophobic so repels water – this means it is also self-cleaning.

If you need help with your next insulation or render job get in touch with EWI Store, the UK’s no.1 supplier of EWI Pro insulation systems.

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