brick slips insulation board

Brick slips are an incredibly versatile material, allowing users to realistically recreate a brick effect after applying insulation board to the building. Some people want the benefits of the external wall insulation without losing the classic brick look of their property, which is why brick slips are such a great solution.

Brick slips are also excellent if you are living in an area where where is a high risk of mechanical impact, for example next to a busy road; they have a greater ability with withstand damage and are generally more hard wearing. Our brick slips are highly flexible (you can bend them around corners!) and come in a wide range of attractive, natural colours.

So without further ado, here is how to use brick slips on external insulation board!

Applying Brick Slips to EPS Insulation Board

EPS insulation board is a classic when it comes to external wall insulation. It’s cost effective and has excellent thermal capabilities, while also being incredibly easy to work with. EPS comes in a huge range of thicknesses, depending on how much you want to improve the thermal performance of your property (the thicker the insulation the better the insulator).

Applying brick slips to EPS is incredibly easy. The EPS boards are secured to the substrate using our EWI-220 EPS Basecoat Adhesive with plastic fixings. Once dry, the EWI-220 is used again to form the basecoat layer on top of the insulation boards. Fibreglass Mesh is sunk within the basecoat to enhance the tensile strength of the whole system, and then once a smooth surface has been achieve the basecoat is left to dry before the brick slips can be applied!

To apply the brick slips, you would use our special ready-to-use brick slip adhesive which comes in a wide range of colours for a customisable finish. The adhesive dries quickly so we recommend applying it with a notched trowel 1m2 at a time to give plenty of time to stick the brick slips on neatly.

Applying Brick Slips to Mineral Wool Insulation Board

Mineral Wool insulation is a premium insulating material. It’s class A1 non-combustible, which means it actually works to prevent the spread of flames. It’s also a vapour permeable material so will actively allow moisture to escape from the building fabric.

Mineral Wool is heavier than EPS and therefore requires a stronger adhesive and metal mechanical fixings. We recommend using our EWI-225 Premium Basecoat which is a dual purpose product, suitable as both an adhesive and a basecoat.

After the Fibreglass Mesh has been embedded within the basecoat, the brick slips can be applied in the same way you would with EPS. Simply apply the brick slip adhesive using a notched trowel to an area of 1m2, applying the brick slips as you go.

And there you have it! Applying brick slips may be slightly more time consuming to apply than a coloured render, but they do achieve a really realistic finish.

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