What is Tyrolean Render?

Tyrolean render is a method of applying monocouche or sand and cement render to create a rough textured finish. The render is applied to the substrate in a thick layer, creating an initially smooth surface. This is then left to dry slightly before a second pass is applied using a tyrolean flicker gun. The finished effect looks similar in appearance to a roughcast render; it’s certainly some people’s cup of tea but others may prefer a smooth finish.

The downside to this type of render application is that it is likely to crack because it is applied in a thick layer (usually around 16mm). As we know, buildings tend to expand and contract due to heating and cooling, and thicker renders are much less able to be flexible and withstand this. 

What is OCDC?

OCDC (also known as the One Coat Dash Cover) is our solution to covering over pebbledash and roughcast textured renders. It is a breathable lime basecoat that can be applied up to 50mm thick in two passes. The idea is that it can be applied thick enough to create a smooth surface, without trapping moisture behind it. So for a tyrolean render that is particularly waterlogged, it’ll be easy for the water to gradually evaporate out through the OCDC.

Covering over tyrolean render with OCDC is a fantastic solution if you’re looking to update the look to your property. Once the OCDC is applied, it can be painted or a thin coat silicone render can be applied on top for a high-performance finish.

Applying OCDC onto Tyrolean Render

OCDC is very easy to apply. The product should be mixed with 5 litres of water using an electric paddle mix until it is an even consistency. It can then be sprayed onto the substrate or applied by hand using a trowel; the first pass should be applied at a maximum thickness of 25mm and strips of fibreglass mesh should be embedded within it. The second pass is then applied before the first pass has fully set, taking the total thickness to 50mm.  

Once the OCDC has set, you can then apply your decorative finish. We really recommend using one of our silicone renders for this because they are very high performance and breathable, so they complement the OCDC well. These are available in a range of grain sizes, so you can achieve either a rough or smooth texture to replace the tyrolean render. Silicone-based renders are flexible, crack-resistant, and are self-cleaning so will maintain a clean finish for longer. 

Alternatively, you can sponge up the surface of the basecoat and apply a paint finish instead. This will achieve a perfectly smooth surface and is a more cost-effective solution when compared to the silicone render finish. We recommend using the EWI-005 Silicone Paint, as again it is breathable and hydrophobic so will not hinder the passage of water from the underlying tyrolean render through the OCDC.

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