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Tools On-Site

When working on a render or EWI project, electric tools are often used for things like mixing adhesive, cutting EPS boards etc. However, things can so easily go wrong with this type of tool, so it’s imperative to follow safety guidelines.

  • All electrical tools need to be operating at 110 volts
  • Ensure that all workers are fully trained on how to use the tools
  • All tools should be in good condition
  • Ensure you are using the right tools for the job


Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times to minimise the risk of accidents. Workers should wear the following attire:

  • High-Vis
  • Hard hat
  • Protective boots
  • Face mask (for when mixing product)
  • Protective gloves for use with Mineral Wool


Working at height presents a big risk to workers, so appropriate procedures need to be in place to ensure that the scaffolding is safe for use, and it being used correctly.

  • Ensure that boards are in good condition and securely placed
  • Ensure scaffolding is strong enough
  • Use appropriate guard rails and/or protective mesh
  • Use safety harnesses if necessary
  • Ensure scaffolding is tied to the wall securely
  • Do not climb or stretch over guard rails
  • Display a warning if the scaffolding should not be used

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