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EWI Funding in Scotland (HEEPS)

Homeowners in Scotland can now claim financial funding for EWI! Here at EWI Store, we’re all about helping homeowners increase the energy efficiency of their property through external wall insulation. Unfortunately for many people the upfront cost of installation just isn’t viable, so living with higher energy bills becomes something they have no choice but to put up with.

Fortunately for those living in Scotland, the HEEPS scheme may be able to help! The Scottish government are keen to help homeowners save money on their energy bills by providing funding for a wide range of energy efficiency measures. We’re happy to see that government initiatives are recognising the need for reduced energy bills for homeowners, especially when considering the current UK energy crisis and the resulting high energy tariff rates (our friends over at The GreenAge talk a lot about this topic!).

What is the HEEPS Funding Scheme for External Wall Insulation?

The Home Energy Efficiency Programmes Scotland (HEEPS) loan is open to applications and aims to help owners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes with funding for a number of energy efficiency measures. These include energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, glazing and boilers; home renewables systems such as solar panels; and energy storage systems such as storage heaters.

The great thing is that the funding covers external wall insulation and is not limited to cavity wall, so if you live in a solid wall property, or cavity wall insulation is simply not available for you, then this grant is open to you!

How Does the EWI in Scotland Funding Work?

The HEEPS scheme is divided into loans and cashback. Under the HEEPS loan scheme, you can borrow up to £10,000 interest-free in order to carry out external wall insulation on your property. Cashback funding is only available if you apply for and go on to claim a loan; cashback funding therefore cannot be applied for separately. For external wall insulation you can claim £2,500 in cashback on a £10,000 loan.

The repayments for a £10,000 loan are completely interest-free, and are to be paid back over the course of up to 12 years. When you consider the amount of money you’ll be saving after external wall insulation, the money you would have paid towards energy bills will essentially go towards the repayments of this loan.  

How do I get the HEEPS loan?

In order to get the HEEPS loan, you need to contact Home Energy Scotland personally, who will give you advice on the best energy saving solution for your property. You will not be able to get your installer to apply on your behalf, as the scheme will need to speak to you personally before sending out the application form directly to you. This is because the scheme is managed by the Energy Saving Trust, who are experts in energy saving advice for homeowners and therefore will ensure that the funding is going towards the right measures for the right people.

People who are eligible for the EWI funding in Scotland include homeowners and registered private sector landlords, however this is restricted to ‘natural persons,’ which effectively means landlords that are not registered as a company. As well as this, in some circumstances landlords can apply for funding on up to 3 properties that are currently occupied by one or more tenants. More information on the scheme can be found via the Energy Saving Trust!

Energy Saving and External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation can benefit homeowners in many ways. Not only does EWI reduce energy bills, it will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. EWI can also reduce problems with damp, improve the outward facade of the property and increase the lifespan of the property’s external walls by protecting against weathering.

EWI is an energy saving measure that is open not only to owners of solid wall properties but also those who own timber frame houses, steel frame houses and more. We advocate the installation of EWI because it is so versatile and genuinely worthwhile.

Stay tuned for more content! We upload a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday, all about our products and systems, with technical advice and answering customer’s FAQ’s!


3 thoughts on “EWI Funding in Scotland (HEEPS)

  1. With reference to your section on HEEPS loan…..this is incorrect and there is not a loan associated with this. HEEPS is an area based scheme in Scotland that provides EWI for free – areas are selected by local authorities- Warmer Homes Scotland is designed to help vulnerable people make their homes warmer and more comfortable by installing a range of energy saving measures. The Scottish Government is offering assistance to homeowners and private sector tenants struggling to heat their home, who have lived in their property for at least twelve months, and who meet the qualifying criteria. Additionally there is a loan – you have mixed this up with HEEPS – the loan funding you refer to is The Home Energy Scotland loan and is an interest-free loan funded by the Scottish Government, intended to help make energy and money saving improvements to your home. The amount of funding you can claim depends on what improvements (energy saving, renewables systems or secondary improvements) you want to make.

  2. Hi James. was interested in your comment. How do I go about finding out if I can get funding for EWI I my are. Appreciate any advice

  3. Hi, interested in external wall insulation. Is it available in my area (Dundee)?
    and if so what sort of costs are involved ?
    I am disabled an receive highest rate personal independance allowance.
    Sheila Thomson

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