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Who are EWI Store and what we do

Based in the building and construction sector, we are the leading seller of specialist coloured render, silicone renders and external wall insulation systems in the South East. In addition, in 2020 with our new National Distribution Centre in Aylesbury, we are geared more than ever to supply these specialist materials all around the country.

We have a large database of installers across the UK who use our systems and materials. We’re excited to say we’re looking for new supplier partners in this space to help us grow the market for these fantastic products. 

It is an opportunity to display your products both in our Aylesbury branch and our Chessington branch in Surrey to complement some of the most fantastic and well-known brands that we already partner with today.

The 2020’s offer a great opportunity for manufacturers to partner with EWI Store to take their first step into business development in the UK or in general to grow their current opportunities in this geographical sphere. We are keen to maintain strong a relationship with our end customers, so excellent customer service and organisation skills are necessary from all of our partners. This opening is a an excellent experience for any producer to partner with us and expose their products to 1000s of customers. 

Manufacturing and product partners already working with EWI Store

Kingspan are a world leading manufacturer of high performance phenolic, PIR and other thermal insulation boards for multiple applications on any building. Working with EWI Store since 2018, Kingspan have been providing the thermally efficient K5 external wall insulation boards, helping properties insulate their walls whilst maximising the space.

This is an example of the K5 external wall insulation board. Feel free to click through and see how this product has been retailing to the online market.

EWI Pro Insulation Systems are a leading manufacturer of specialist thin coat or silicone coloured render systems – designing coloured render or insulated render systems that are installed on multiple substrates and property types in the UK. Working with EWI Store since 2013, EWI Pro provide provides a series of basecoats, adhesives, topcoats and coloured paints. It has provided specification and technical support for various scenarios and projects we have supported over the years.

This is an example of the highly popular Premium Basecoat and the Silicone Render products – key products for both coloured and insulated render systems. Feel free to click through and see how this product has been retailing to the online market.


Rockwool are a renowned producer of stone wool / rock wool products used in all aspects of construction in the UK and Europe. The products are knows as being A1 non-combustible therefore used on public buildings and hi-rise developments. With the main factory in the UK based in South Wales, Rockwool have been supplying EWI Store specialist dual density external wall insulation slabs since 2014.

The first product being the A1 fire rated dual-density slab – used on external wall applications on a number of substrates. The RWA45 slab on the other hand is used in insulating in between wall structures.

Saint-Gobain Weber (according to their website) specialise in the manufacture of industrial mortar products including renders and decorative finishes, tile fixing products, floor screeds and other building chemicals. Working with EWI Store since 2019, Weber have been supply specialist monocouche or scratch renders as an alternative to sand & cement finishes.

This is an example of Weber’s scratch render. Click on the product for more details.

EWI Store seeking the following type of producers and manufacturers

As discussed EWI Store is open to all types of manufacturers and producers that can complement our existing offering or add-to it by offering similar products in this space. If you are a supplier of specialist facade products, accessories or machinery then we would be happy to hear from you. Also if you produce building products that add to the internal plastering market, it would be interesting to get in contact with us.

Here are the values or qualities that we expect from our partners:

  • Product quality driven – able to bring out the distinguishable elements of your product above anyone else’s in the markeplace;
  • Technically equipped with literature and support to enable us to effectively use a ‘solution based approach’ when marketing them to this industry;
  • Quality communication – be contactable and responsive to product, technical and logistical queries;
  • New stock responsiveness needs to be high. In a fast moving industry you must be prepared to move the stock requests in a robust way so that the end customer is services in an efficient way.
  • Support the marketing drive – have marketing literature available like guides and stands so that your products can be placed in front of our customers.

Want to work with EWI Store – what are the next steps?

If you are interested in partnering with EWI Store then there are several ways to get in contact with us, but the best way is to send us an email with a short proposal. This proposal should include a short paragraph on why your products meet our criteria and values set-out above.

Email us at: [email protected]

Call us on: +44 203 3974067 (Option 1 for Sales)