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The EWI Pro Heritage range is a set of lime-based products intended for internal and external plastering. The Heritage range is perfect for the restoration of older properties. EWI Pro are all about choosing the right materials for the right substrate, and in older properties, this is completely essential. For example, a sand and cement render would be entirely wrong for a restoration project where materials need to be carefully selected to ensure structural stability, so the lime render range is ideal for these situations.

What are the benefits of using lime-based products?

We’ve previously written about why you would want to use lime render, so for more information on that click here. In terms of the benefits of using a lime-based building material, the real benefit of lime is that it is incredibly lightweight, flexible and breathable.

Older buildings need to breathe to ensure that moisture can escape from the building structure. This is because quite often, old buildings are timber frame and therefore rotting of the timber beams is the number one thing to avoid.

Lime is an incredibly traditional material that goes way back in terms of historic use; it binds gently to substrates, allows for movements within the building structure and allows for the regulation and passage of water vapour. Lime is also considered to be an environmentally friendly building material. So without further ado, here are our new lime-based products!

EWI-291 Heritage Lime Harling

The EWI Pro Heritage Lime Harling is the first step in a renovation project, intended for creating a ‘harl coat’ on an external substrate. The point of the Lime Harling is to provide a mechanical key for the Heritage Lime Basecoat to adhere to and is basically part of the priming stage in order to renovate and prepare the wall before the basecoat is applied.

Typically you would apply the Harling to a brick, block or stone substrate that has been laid using lime mortar, if the substrate has a high absorption or if it has been painted with lime paint.

EWI-292 Heritage Lime Basecoat

The Heritage Lime Basecoat is a mixture of Portland cement and hydrated lime. It’s intended for use where low or medium salt levels are present, can be applied 10-20mm thick and is white in colour. Because of the fact that the basecoat contains lime, it has pores that allow salts and water vapour to escape from its surface. This is the second stage in the renovation process and would usually be applied on top of the Harling coat if present.

EWI-051 Heritage Lime Render

The Heritage Lime Render is completely cement free render, ideally used on top of the Lime Basecoat in order to create a decorative finish. Because the Lime Render is a fine-grain render, it offers a smooth, natural finish that can be applied 10-20mm thick. The render is not suitable for applying directly onto a substrate which has a presence of salt, which is why you’d need to apply it directly to the Heritage Lime Basecoat.

EWI-294 Heritage Lime Mortar

The EWI-294 is a fibre reinforced mortar, which is lime enhanced.  Typically, this would be used for the renovation of decorative features and of the substrate; for example for levelling the substrate, filling cracks/cavities in facades and bricks, and as a putty. The Heritage Lime Mortar is also ideal for repairing and re-creating decorative features on the exterior facade,   

EWI-293 Heritage Lime NaCl

The Heritage Lime NaCl is a specialist basecoat, designed for use on substrates that have a medium/high salt level. It works to absorb and retain crystalline salts from the substrate, while creating a smooth surface for the Heritage Lime Render, or even for internal use with the Heritage Lime Plaster.

EWI-295 Heritage Lime Plaster

The Heritage Lime Plaster is intended for internal use on walls and ceilings as a plaster mortar. Ideally, this works optimally when used on top of the Lightweight Basecoat, as the two are highly breathable and flexible and therefore will resist cracking. Once applied, the Heritage Lime Plaster offers a durable and clean-cut finish while also complementing the building structure.

And there you have it! We are very much looking forward to seeing what people think of the range and seeing it in action. Any further questions or to place an order, contact our sales team who all have excellent technical knowledge of the materials.

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