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EWI-310 Universal Primer vs. Rendagrip

With so many on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the best choice of primer for your project. Two of the market leading primers are EWI-310 Universal Primer and Rendagrip. So, which is best?

In this blog post, we will help you decipher the difference between these two products. Read on to learn more about EWI-310 Universal Primer Vs Rendagrip.

EWI Pro Universal Primer or Rendagrip? What’s the difference?

Rendagrip is a primer produced by the brand Everbuild who manufacture render primers and other building materials. Their extra grip bonding agent is very similar to the EWI Pro Universal Primer. Both are essentially used to create a mechanical key on smooth surfaces that are difficult to render.

Primers can be an area of confusion when it comes to choosing the right one for the right substrate. Lots of installers will have a selection of preferred primers. For example, it can come from the EWI Pro range or another brand. However, it should be noted that priming can mean the difference between a successful installation or one that causes problems further down the line.

That’s why a common question asked by customers who are new to EWI Pro primers is the difference between our Universal Primer and similar products, like the Rendagrip primer.

Keep reading for more information about both products, or check our our complete guide to EWI Pro primers.

What is the Universal Primer?

The Universal Primer is specially designed to prepare the substrate before applying EWI Pro adhesives. It dries red in colour. This ensures that you can see where exactly it has already been applied, thereby minimising waste. The primer itself contains quartz aggregate suspended in a binding solution. The quartz aggregate adheres to the substrate and creates a textured surface, which is important to create a mechanical key for the adhesive to bind onto. Universal Primer also ensures that the absorptive capacity of the substrate is reduced.

What is Rendagrip?

Rendagrip is a strong grip render primer, containing quartz aggregate to provide a mechanical key before rendering. The Rendagrip is red in colour so you can see where you’ve painted it already, and the actual formula not only enhances adhesion but also limits the absorptive capacity of the substrate.

What’s the difference?

The differences between the two are not huge, and some installers may prefer one over the other in terms of differences in application. However, when using a full ‘system’ e.g. EWI Pro, we always recommend sticking with a primer produced by the same brand as the render. This is especially true for EWI Pro primers.  In this instance, all elements of the system are formulated to work in conjunction with each other. Any clashes in material are eliminated during manufacture to ensure that the products work in harmony.

The advantage to this is that you don’t need to buy your materials from different places. We take a whole-system approach when it comes to render and EWI, and so we sell all the necessary materials through our online shop. This means that everything you need is delivered together at the same time. You receive one invoice for all of your materials and the struggle of navigating different shops and making separate payments for different products is completely eliminated.

Alternatively, our sales team can process the order for you and calculate exactly how much you will need of each product, so product waste is significantly reduced. Alternatively you can try out our quick and easy materials calculator for a guide on the amount of materials you will need; it’s very simple and at the end you get a free quotation! We’re all about ensuring convenience for installers!

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