calculating the cost of external wall insulation is not a simple task, there are many components that determine the price including the installation and labour costs, the choice of insulation material and the choice of decorative finish. Depending on what insulation material you choose, not only do they themselves vary in price but some materials required fixings and some require adhesive which also will alter the price. Therefore, trying to calculate exactly how much materials cost can be tricky, especially when the different materials cover different areas – for example, our reinforcement mesh comes in 50m rolls, while a bag of EWI-220 Adhesive will cover 3m2 of wall.

Calculating the cost of the External Wall Insulation Materials

At EWI Store, we are here to help! We have a great team who are on hand to help with any quote you may require. Simply give us a call with some rough measurements of the area that needs to be insulated using our EWI systems and we can quickly calculate exactly what you need.

Use our EWI Calculator to calculate the External Wall Insulation materials you require

If you have some experience of solid wall insulation, you might want to use our EWI materials calculator.

We have designed this to be a very easy-to-use tool which will accurately calculate the correct materials needed for a solid wall insulation install. To use this tool you will be asked a series of questions and measurements so we can help calculate the amount of materials you will need. The questions are as follows:

– Choice of Render

– You can choose between three options depending on what you are interested in, eco, premium and standard, this relates to the decorative finish you want on your walls. To find out more about these options then please visit our page ‘Welcome to the EWI-Pro solid wall materials calculator’.

 – Amount of meters squared needed

Enter amount of system needed , this needs to be the coverage in meters squared- this is calculated by multiplying the width by the height of each wall you are going to insulate. Do not subtract windows or doors as it will give you an incorrect result because our calculator builds in wastage into the final calculation.

 – Choice of insulation material

– Choice of mechanical Fixings


–  Amount of Corner beads

 – Insulation Thickness

– Amount of Stop Beads

 – Amount and choice of starter track

Trade installers get fantastic prices and warranties on the system

So whether you are a homeowner looking to install solid wall insulation or a fresh new render façade on your home; a solid wall insulation installer looking for an easy to install product (at a great price); or an architect looking for a way to vastly improve the thermal efficiency of an old property, you have come to the right place.

As an installer you may well be eligible for our trade discount prices too – so not only do you get a BBA Approved external wall insulation system delivered directly to site, you also get the materials at a great price. As a trade partner we are also able to offer system warranties – provided the installers have been on our free training course.

We also offer a huge range of brick slips!

We also now are delighted to say we have a huge range of brick slip finishes for those looking to recreate the brick feel of their property (i.e. don’t want to simply render a brick wall). These acrylic brick slips are not only incredibly realistic, but they are also extremely robust, so despite being flexible and easy to install, but they also look the part and will last!

So there you have it – if you need some help calculating the material requirements for an EWI job, give us a call – our team are on hand to help!

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