It is not often we write blogs like this – normally we are trying to explain a specific feature of the system, or talk about some new product or other – but we thought this story was worth sharing!

Anyway, this morning, Nick was helping a potential installer down on the shop floor. It was a pretty standard chat to be honest, talking about the different system components, training, what other systems the guys had used before, and so forth.

At that moment another one of our new installers came in and said to Nick that our render was the best he had ever used. Now, we don’t know if he was looking for better prices, but talk about perfect timing! I also hasten to add that no brown paper bags were exchanged!

Better than that, it is great to know that the journey we started 3 or 4 years ago launching EWI Pro and EWI Store may work out alright. There is nothing worse than trying to sell a duff product, but the feedback we get from our installer network is that our materials really are second to none.

Also, unlike some of the big boys in the market, we can get materials to you the next day 99% of the time, including coloured renders, which are mixed at our warehouses. We have the capacity to mix 500 buckets of render a day with our colour mixing machines – enough to cover about 5000m2.

We pride ourselves on the quality of products and the great service we provide.

Not too bad! Not too bad at all!