1. Choosing the Wrong Insulation Thickness

When choosing thicknesses of insulation, customers often make the mistake of choosing to go for a 50mm EPS insulation. Installers may or may not advise against this, but usually this isn’t the best choice if this is the only type of insulation on the walls of your home.

In order to meet building regulations, 90mm of EPS would usually be required for a solid wall property. Any thicknesses below this will have a much less noticeable effect on the thermal comfort of the property. If in doubt always speak to a professional – we are more than happy to give technical advice, so give us a call if you need help.

  1.  Choosing a Non-Breathable Render

Certain non-breathable renders, such as Acrylic render, are certainly more cost-effective. However, these renders tend to be much less effective at maintaining a clean appearance. Breathable silicone-based renders are renowned for being highly hydrophobic, which enables them to maintain a clean finish for a longer span of time – so essentially your maintenance costs are vastly reduced as you won’t have to clean or re-paint the render nearly as much.

 The silicone-based renders on the other hand will cost more but require far less upkeep. On top of this, Silicone Render is breathable – it allows water vapour from inside to pass through its surface rather than becoming trapped in the wall behind. This is a much better option in terms of reducing the risk of damp and interstitial condensation.

  1.  No Specification

At EWI Store, we always recommend getting your project specified.

Going to the manufacturer and getting your project specified as a first step is essential to making sure your system is warrantied. If the installer does not have the specification, an error in installation may occur which could void the warranty of the system. This can be anything from fixing patterns, basecoat thickness and even omitting Fibreglass Mesh.

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