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3 Easy Steps to Choosing Coloured Render

Choosing a coloured render is a big decision – deciding on a whole new look for your property can be daunting, but we have a few ways that we can assist! Whether it’s our Silicone, Silicone Silicate or Acrylic render, we have a solution for every property.

When choosing an EWI Pro coloured render, follow these three easy steps to ensure a fantastic finish:

1. Choosing the Type of Coloured Render

It isn’t just the colour that varies when it comes to EWI Pro coloured renders. Our renders offer flexibility and crack resistance and can be tinted to create any shade, but there are also different benefits and advantages associated with each render.

For example, EWI Pro’s Silicone Render is one of our top of the range renders, offering breathability, vapour permeability and resistance to organic growth. This is the render of choice for properties old or new and is widely known throughout the industry for its advanced levels of flexibility.

Silicone Silicate Render is a hybrid silicone render and is the choice of most installers. It offers great value with an array of benefits, including breathability, vapour permeability and UV resistance. In terms of comparing Silicone Silicate Render with Silicone Render, the key difference is in their self-cleaning capabilities – Silicone Render offers a higher level of performance in this regard.

Acrylic Render is our best value render, offering impact and UV resistance. The key difference between the Acrylic render and its silicone counterparts is the render’s ability to allow water vapour pass through (its breathability) is less advanced. Nevertheless, Acrylic Render offers users a trusted system and is ideal for those looking for a simple yet aesthetically appealing result.

Monocouche Scratch Render is entirely different to all of the above. Firstly because it is a through-coloured, dry-mix render (therefore it comes in a powder form and requires mixing with water), secondly because it is a thick coat render. Monocouche offers a sandstone, pitted texture and is far more preferable when compared with painted sand and cement render, because of the fact that it is through-coloured.

2. Choosing Colour with a Coloured Render Colour Chart

We have a couple of options when it comes to colour charts. Our render colour chart offers the chance to view real life, vibrant swatches of our colour range. It is £25.00 to purchase, is incredibly sturdy and perfect for installers who will be carrying it from job to job. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner our paper colour chart is perfect for you. We have carefully matched our colours to accurately display them in print.

Both colour charts display the different grain sizes and textures that can be achieved, along with a full and comprehensive layout of the EWI Pro colour catalogue.

Torn between two or three shades? Proceed to step 3.

3. Testing EWI Pro Coloured Renders

Coloured render can look completely different in certain surroundings. Pale coloured renders can appear to reflect the colours in their surroundings; a white rendered property situated next to the ocean may reflect a hint of blue.

At EWI Store, we want our end-users to be satisfied with the finished result of their render installation; we therefore always encourage testing the render before making a final decision.

Interested in our range of coloured renders? Our technical team are on-hand to offer advice and information regarding our systems, so give us a call on 02033974067 for more information!


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