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Can I install EWI onto just one or two walls?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at EWI Store is whether it is possible to install External Wall Insulation (EWI) on just one or two walls, or half the house, rather than the whole property.

The answer is, yes! You can install EWI onto just one or two walls, however, EWI needs to be installed on the whole of the wall from top to bottom, not just on one elevation.

EWI is a great way to insulate your property against heat loss, all without losing internal floor space. By slowing the rate of heat transfer through the walls, EWI keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and prevents issues such as condensation and damp.

When EWI is installed onto the whole building, you can save hundreds on your annual heating bill.

Would it be cost-effective to install EWI onto just one wall?

EWI isn’t an inexpensive job, and installing it onto just one wall may not be entirely cost effective as you won’t achieve all of the benefits, particularly insulation against heat transfer and noise pollution.

In general, when looking to get the most for your money when installing EWI, the general rule is that the more of your house that you insulate and the thicker the insulation, the more money you will save on energy bills.

Also, in most cases the more of your property that you insulate with EWI the less you pay per Sq metre, so since you are paying for installers to come out in the first place, you may as well get the whole job done at once.

So really, it’s a larger upfront cost, but it would essentially pay for itself in the long term.

Installing EWI onto half your house: Will you need to re-render the whole property?

Another thing you may need to consider when installing EWI onto just one wall is whether or not you will need to re-render the whole property to achieve a seamless finish.

When installing EWI, the insulation boards are covered over by a render of your choice. Depending upon your property and its current render situation, installing EWI onto just one wall could have the effect of creating a visible imbalance to the external appearance of your property.

What this means is that just one wall with EWI – a visible, newly rendered wall could exacerbate the appearance of issues on other external walls such as organic growth, weathering and cracking. This creates a sharp contrast between the old and new walls, and you therefore may end up spending even more money re-rendering your entire property to address the imbalance. Re-rendering your whole property will create a much more pleasing appearance to your home, but does rack up the total cost of solving the problems of just one wall.

Will installing EWI onto just one or two walls resolve problems with damp and mold on those walls?

Finally, some homeowners look to install EWI onto just one wall due to a greater level of damp and mold building up on certain external walls.
EWI could be a solution for preventing problems with damp on these walls in the future, but any direct causes of the damp must first be ascertained and resolved.
So why is there damp on your walls? Below we have listed a few of the possible causes of damp in your home, and we would recommend that before going ahead with EWI you hire a professional surveyor to check for any of these issues:

• Your DPC (Damp Proof Course) is broken, bridged, or you simply do not have one.
• The surface of your external wall is cracked and broken, allowing moisture to seep inside.
• Your property has a lack of light on certain walls
• Your property has poor drainage
• Your property has poor ventilation

In some cases, however, damp is just a recurring issue and cannot be easily fixed. Take for example a house with an external wall positioned very close to another house, thereby creating an alleyway with little light. In these situations, EWI could provide a long-term solution.

We suggest that when installing EWI onto walls susceptible to damp, you consider breathable materials such as our Silicone render systems. These allow any water vapor to travel across the surface, ensuring that the building can breathe.

If EWI is something you are considering for your home, we always advise that you seek expert advice. Here at EWI Store, we can offer the best materials on the market for the job – you can get a free quote on materials by using our EWI Calculator. We are always happy to answer any enquiries from our customers, so give us a call or drop us an email!

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